Mineral Wool Insulation is Also Referred to As Rock and Slag

Many people know about the uses of insulation but many of them have no clue what it is actually made of and why it works. With Mineral Wool Insulation, you first need to know that it is also called rock and slag insulation. This insulation is made up of fibers that are non-combustible and are mainly used in order to prevent fires. The materials in this insulation have a melting temperature of 1800 degrees to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. It will not only prevent the loss of energy and drafts from coming in, but it will also protect from the potential danger of fire.There are many different applications that the Mineral Wool Insulation is used for. These include being installed in mobile homes as well as residential homes, pipes and process insulation applications, insulation for ships, and commercial insulation. It is also widely used for insulation in many cooking appliances. You will find that the benefits of this type of insulation include reducing the energy costs for homeowners as well as business owners and manufacturing plants. The Alliance To Save Energy and Energy Conservation Management Organizations have done several studies that show this insulation saves 400 billion BTU on a yearly basis.These studies also show that the Mineral Wool Insulation that is currently installed in homes and businesses are saving the owners an average of 40 percent on their energy bill each month. This insulation is very safe to use. There has been worries about the effects of the airborne dust. It has been studied for over 70 years now and there has been no finding of any adverse effects that it may have on the people who work with it every day. You will find that there are many benefits when using this type of insulation. They will outweigh any kind of cons that it may have.There are many websites on the Internet that you can find in order to learn more about Mineral Wool Insulation and how it can benefit you. The NAIMA literature library is a good resource to research about the studies that have been done with this type of insulation. No other type of insulation has been exposed to the research that this type has. You have all the information at your fingertips in order to verify that this insulation is very safe and extremely cost affective to the homes and buildings that employ its use.

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