Emerging Trend And Technology Of eBooks

The growth of the online revolution has turned the world into a very small village. The three W’s that is the World Wide Web accompanied by the other advancements of communication and information technology is trying to develop a very deep impact on the publishing industry. Readers love to enjoy the fruits in the form of online journals and databases. It is very true that the development in this field is not so much swift but still people have started realizing the importance of it.More and more publishers are now coming up with the budding ideas of eBooks so that they may be useful for the students in their academic sessions. Libraries are also providing with the facility of eBooks download. They have started collection development policies so that utmost number of students can take advantage from it. Though the consumption level of eBooks is low due to some disseminations but it will substantially rise when certain issues pertaining to the copyright and universal standards will be resolved. And in the coming year’s libraries will also look forward to more and more useful subscription policies for acquiring the eBooks. In the present scenario, there is several numbers of formats available from where eBooks can be downloaded and also read. Likewise the open access journals do, there are many eBooks projects that offer free eBooks downloads.What is the ultimate goal of a library? It is basically to provide the correct and quality information services to its users so that they can have maximum satisfaction from the different kind of resources. And pertaining to it libraries have to preserve documentary and non documentary records of information. At earlier times the libraries use to pile up bundle of books which were in the printed format but nowadays as technology have change and in the new developed era these paper books have been substituted by digital electronic and virtual library containing electronic documents such as eBooks, e-journals etc.As the users of internet are in a large number worldwide and they are reading online journals and databases, soon the popularity of eBooks will also speed up in the upcoming years. The emerging trend of eBooks is greatly influencing the publishing world and is also considered as the most significant development in the field of literature. The impact will definitely enhance in the future when the demand and the usage of the eBooks will be much more than now. Many factors are there for the popularity of eBooks such as the advancement in the computer’s hardware and software, electronic exchange of data and text, electronic files used in the production of printed books and many more.

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